They call me the man with little bicycles on the brain!Bruno Robineau

In the course of my life as a globetrotter (including an eight-year round-the-world trip), I have made all kinds of little bicycles as gifts for my hosts in all parts of the world.

Now you can benefit from my craft experience with hand-made miniature bicycles.

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Table decor

To give your tables a special décor that will surprise and enchant your guests at bicycle-themed festivities for a wedding, a birthday, a retirement or any other family occasion, we have these miniature bicycles: the place-card bicycle, the menu-holder bicycle, the sweet-holder bicycle. Your guests can take them home afterwards, so the little bicycle can be a souvenir of the event, perhaps holding a photo taken on the day. Somewhat larger models (maxi-bicycle; coupled bicycles) form a novel table ornament or can also decorate the cake. There are seven different models to choose from.


Original, custom-made presents

To order, I create custom-made miniature bicycles that will delight your friends. For a wedding, there are the coupled bicycles, with two bicycles facing the same way and joined by their struts. For a birthday bicycle I can put the age in aluminium wire between the saddle and the handlebars. On the message bicycle I use wire to write a name or a kind word – Love, Happiness, Affection, Sorry, Peace, Thanks and so on (I don’t do rude words!)  There is also  the desktop bicycle, which can be used to hold business cards.Amaze your friends with the ear-ring bicycle or the spectacles bicycle. For collectors there are the mountain bike or the Rocky bike.


Trophies and gifts for sports clubs.

As prizes for a cycle race, the maxi bicycle or the trophy bicycle on a wooden stand, with the possibility of adding a personal message. My trade secret: each bicycle is made from a single continuous piece of aluminium wire. The wire goes from one brake to the other. All my creations are hand-made to order, not mass-produced. Made in Pays de Loire, France.



Why the name “Vélo du bonheur”?

I started doing my hand-made miniature bicycles during an eight-year trip around the world together with my partner. We hitch-hiked and used all sorts of other means of transport, including bicycles. From time to time I sold these little bicycles on the street. I often used them as gifts for our hosts or for the drivers who were kind enough to pick us up. They always produced the same effect: a sense of wonder, a little spark of happiness. There are thus little bicycles all over the world that are symbols of friendship and gratitude. To find out more about my travels and my books and lectures: So as a noteworthy original souvenir you can give a genuine “Vélo du bonheur” made with love and patience. Bicycles with an extra touch of soul.

If you want something more specific or if you need advice on choosing a bicycle, please phone me on +33 (0)2 40 98 78 76. Getting in touch directly is the best way of understanding each other. You can of course also send me an e-mail. (You can contact me in French, English, Spanish or the international language Esperanto.)

How long does it take to complete an order ?

That depends on the models you order, the number ordered and the other ongoing orders I have. As an example, for an order of less than fifty place-card miniature bicycles allow 10 to 15 days.

Enjoy your visit to my shop. Please make any comments you want; that will spur me to continue my craft for the greater happiness of everyone.